Our Service Needs Assessment Process

Tailored Autism & Aspergers Syndrome Care Programmes

Once the initial referral form has been completed and an assessment has been considered appropriate we will arrange for one (or more) of our assessment team to visit the person being referred and any other key people involved in their life/ current care.

The assessor will collect information from those they meet and produce a ‘Service Needs Assessment’. They may also contact other relevant parties by phone to gather additional information. This Service Needs Assessment will describe the findings of the assessor, focussing specifically on what we feel are the identified needs of the person being referred. Completing the assessment will take no longer than 10 working days.

The assessment will then be shared with the Admissions Panel at Modus who will consider, in the light of detailed information gathered, whether a service can be offered.

You can read more about the Assessment Process in our Modus Care Pathway on Our Approach page.