Referral & Assessment Process

Tailored Autism & Aspergers Syndrome Care Programmes

Modus Care focus on providing a quality service for each person they support. The quality of this service is reflected by the quality of the work that we carry out in advance of anyone coming to join our services. It is for this reason that Modus do not accept emergency admissions. We believe that services should be tailored to individuals and be focussed on long-term success rather than short-term solutions. As such our assessment process may take slightly longer to complete but good preparation is essential to ensure that we create the right service for the individual.

The Referral Process

1. The first step is to get to know each other.  Initial contact is informal, and can be by phone, email or through our website.  If you wish to speak to us about our services or refer someone to our services, you can contact our assessment co-ordinator Kelly Melrose or the assessment administrator Joanna Doroszkiewicz  if Kelly is unavailable.  Both Kelly and Jo are based at Modus Head Office in Kenton

Telephone: 01626 899930 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

2. We gather more information using a referral form, visits and in-depth discussions with advocates and appropriate professionals.

If it seems that we may have an appropriate service to meet your needs or someone you are acting for, we will send you an initial referral form. You will be asked to complete as much information as you can (electronically if possible) and return to the assessment team via Modus Care Head Office. This brief form asks for outline details of the service required so that we can quickly let you know if we have any potentially suitable services.

3. We will aim to contact you within 5 working days of receiving this document. At this stage we will discuss with you whether we feel that a full assessment may be appropriate or if we do not feel that we will be able to meet your needs (or the person you are acting for).