Person Centred Planning across Modus Care

More than 300 staff at Modus Care have been trained in Person Centred Planning (PCP) and with eleven facilitators in place and a co-ordinator at head office, we are ready to roll-out the use of PCP for all our service users.

The personalisation of services to make sure they meet the needs and wants of the individual is a process that has been gathering momentum for many years.

Modus Care has always been proud of the fact that we take a person centred approach to providing individually tailored care packages clearly focused around the needs and wishes of the individual. Without the use of formal Person Centred Planning however, this can tend to reflect what we feel is best for a person, rather than the path they would like their life to take. With recent government drives towards personalisation, there has been an opportunity for Modus to fully embrace PCP and incorporate it fully into our care planning processes.


Ben now ready to step out on his own

We are pleased to include this article regarding Ben who is currently in one of Modus' services in Plymouth who was featured in the Plymouth Herald's Love Life campaign.

CQC Inspection Press Release


We were very pleased to have been part of the pilot for the new style inspection process by the CQC. We valued this experience and are delighted that the report reflects and acknowledges our existing good practice, as well as helping us to focus on areas for improvement. It also provided us with the opportunity to feed back to the CQC our experiences of the approach taken in this pilot and how this model could be enhanced.


Penhayes CQC Inspection Press Release

We have now received the final report following the unannounced CQC inspection of Penhayes Hospital.  We were pleased with the overall positive tone of the report and recognition of good practice in many areas.  We would like to take this opportunity to thank patients, family, staff and others for taking an active part in the inspection process.   The area noted for improvement was the implementation of formal Person Centred Planning.  We are pleased to have agreed a training program in Person Centred Planning which we are beginning to implement across the organisation. 



 What cost care?

Modus Care asks what the future holds for service users who need complex care and treatment.

The Comprehensive Spending Review is requiring every local authority and PCT to look long and hard at its budgets. As they do this, their attention will inevitably fall on the area of complex healthcare services. These are services provided for individuals who have confounded and exhausted all attempts to find placement solutions in mainstream, less supported and less costly settings. They are services provided for some of the most challenging and vulnerable people in our society.