An encouraging response to Positive Behavioural Support

Care providers across the UK are being urged to adopt Positive Behavioural Support (PBS) techniques - it's one of the core post-Winterbourne recommendations. We agree that PBS is a major step forward in care provision – this has been central to our approach for many years.

The Department of Health's final report on Winterbourne View favours Positive Behavioural Support as a key support strategy for helping people with serious challenging behaviours. This is a recommendation which we at Modus Care firmly support; we have been using PBS as a way to support all the people in our care homes since 2006 and we have seenfirst-hand the many beneficial effects.


New Look Care Plans

A Person Centred Approach to ASD Care

We have completely overhauled our care plans to incorporate the principles of Person Centred Planning whilst making them easier for service users to understand. In addition, we have introduced a new and more flexible electronic format for plans.

The care plans created for each individual at all our homes have been completely revised and improved following comments and recommendations from CQC (Care Quality Commission) inspectors.

The inspectors asked us to simplify the care plans used in our two hospitals to make them more user-friendly for people with learning disabilities.

"We didn't want to simply make a few tweaks," says Paul Blackmore, Hospital Manager at Modus Care. "We have gone right back to the beginning and created a care plan that is now in an electronic format and in a simplified form."


Person Centred Planning across Modus Care

More than 300 staff at Modus Care have been trained in Person Centred Planning (PCP) and with eleven facilitators in place and a co-ordinator at head office, we are ready to roll-out the use of PCP for all our service users.

The personalisation of services to make sure they meet the needs and wants of the individual is a process that has been gathering momentum for many years.

Modus Care has always been proud of the fact that we take a person centred approach to providing individually tailored care packages clearly focused around the needs and wishes of the individual. Without the use of formal Person Centred Planning however, this can tend to reflect what we feel is best for a person, rather than the path they would like their life to take. With recent government drives towards personalisation, there has been an opportunity for Modus to fully embrace PCP and incorporate it fully into our care planning processes.


Inspection Update

Modus Care residential homes have passed through a new regime of inspections with flying colours. Inspectors found only one area of concern at our two hospitals, around making our care plans more user-friendly - and this has already been addressed and we are fully compliant throughout the organisation.

All of Modus Care's residential homes and hospitals have recently undergone inspections by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) as part of its wide-ranging review and assessment of care providers across the UK. The format of the recent inspections has evolved significantly in response to changes in UK healthcare legislation and recommendations following the revelations on the BBC's Panorama report on Winterbourne View care home in Bristol. A new key element of this is representation by an ‘expert by experience’; somebody who has first-hand experience of care home or hospital services and can give this unique and valuable perspective.


Ben now ready to step out on his own

We are pleased to include this article regarding Ben who is currently in one of Modus' services in Plymouth who was featured in the Plymouth Herald's Love Life campaign.