Managing Challenging Behaviour

Autism & Aspergers Syndrome Care

Modus Care provides services for individuals who have challenging behaviour associated with Autism and Aspergers Syndrome. We recognise that key to the effective management of challenging behaviour is to provide training which is specifically behaviour based for staff who work with people with intellectual impairments and is BILD accredited. All Modus Care staff are trained in Positive Behavioural Support.

Positive Behavioural Support (PBS) describes the general approach to support used by Modus Care, in which individual service users are supported to adopt and use socially meaningful behaviours, avoid using inappropriate behaviours, and to learn functional skills thereby replacing problem behaviours.

Positive Behavioural Support is based on the principles of dignity, respect and supporting the full rights of access to the full range of normal community activities and experiences. Modus Care fully supports these values.

Modus Care staff are trained in Positive Behaviour Management (PBM) techniques in order to safely and ethically manage any dangerous and or physically aggressive behaviours presented by service users. This PBM approach has been developed over many years and is complementary to PBS.