Specialist, Step-down Residential Care Home Services

Bespoke Autism & Aspergers Syndrome Care

Modus have a number of specialist residential services that cater for people with Autistic Spectrum Disorders (ASD), learning disabilities (LD), challenging behaviour and/or associated mental health needs. These services are based in Devon (Exeter, Torbay and Plymouth) and in Surrey (Kingswood, Sutton and Tadworth).

In line with PCP best practice, services are designed as carefully as possible to reflect the needs of individual service users.

Person Centred Approach

The environments we provide are key to ensuring that the identified needs of the individual can be met and are diverse and developing in their provision.  Our residential homes are registered with the Care Quality Commission and provide care for between 1 and 7 people within environments which offer group living, single service provision linked to group living and individual bespoke service provision.

We ensure that those people joining our services are as compatible as possible with others already living with us and as such each home caters for people who have broadly similar needs.

On a day-to-day basis, we aim to provide each person living with us with a range of activities that are meaningful for them. These will take place both at home and in the local community and are based on the individual's preferences as well as what they are able to manage at the time. In addition we will try to build on or maintain people's skills in order that each person's independence and self-esteem is maximised.  

All those using our services are supported by trained staff who are able to respond to their needs with positive behavioural support and manage challenging behaviours should they occur.

Residential Care Home Services




Barne Barton      Tadworth 
Billacombe Cherry Tree (Sutton)
Tamerton Foliot   
St Budeaux   


Paignton Torquay: Westbrooke Grange
Torquay: Tobias House  


The Holt (Exminster)  
Penhays (Kenton) .